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Clan Politics and

Segregation in Britain

Bolivia Reform

and Revolution


UK Income Stagnation

Imperfect Competition

War crimes denial

and the Bosnian War

Naming the movement


Inequality and Crisis

The Zapatista Insurgency

The Arab Revolution

China 2030


Understanding SYRIZA

Paul Mason, Understanding SYRIZA, Paul Mason at 22/05/2012SIAC_ARTICLES_files/PAUL%20MASON.pdf
Dominic Alexander’s Counterfire review of Henry Heller’s The Birth of Capitalism: A Twenty-First-Century Perspective, Pluto Press, 2012SIAC_ARTICLES_files/Review%20by%20Dominic%20Alexander%20of%20Counterfire.pdf
‘It’s the Bradford Spring!’
Don Milligan, Off The Cuff 31/03/2012SIAC_ARTICLES_files/OFFTHECUFF%20310312.pdf
A Tale of Three Cities: Clan Politics and Segregation in Britain’s Mill Towns, David Goodhart, Prospect, 20/06/2011
China 2030: Building a modern, harmonious, creative high-income society, The World Bank, 27/02/2012SIAC_ARTICLES_files/China-2030-complete.pdf
Understanding the Revolutions of 2011
Ten Top Myths About the Libya War, posted by Juan on Informed Comment, August 22, 2011
Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States: elite politics, street protests in regional diplomacy.SIAC_ARTICLES_files/YEMEN%20Elite%20Politics%20%26%20Street%20Protests.pdf
Does Morocco have a place in the Gulf Cooperation Council?
A review of A Poetics of Resistance: the revolutionary public relations of the Zapatista Insurgency, Jeff Conant,
AK Press, 2011
A review of From Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia, Jeffrey R. Webber,
Haymarket Books, 2011
Venezuela’s Economy
Medieval polices: another step forward from Hugo Chavez
Left Review
For a left with no future  [?]
Contributions by T. J. Clark and Susan WatkinsSOCIALIST_STRATEGY.html
Growth Without Gain: The faltering living standards of people on low-to-middle inomesSIAC_ARTICLES_files/Growth_without_gain_-_Web.pdf
Locating the middle - determining what the phrase ‘middle income’ might meanSIAC_ARTICLES_files/LOCATING%20THE%20MIDDLE%20RF_Briefing_Locating_the_middle_2.pdf
Budget 2011: the impact on low-to-middle earnersSIAC_ARTICLES_files/Budget_2011%20IMPACT.pdf
Squeezed Britain: The 2010 audit of low-to-middle earnersSIAC_ARTICLES_files/SQUEEZED%20BRITAIN%20Resolution-Foundation_Squeezed_Britian_5.pdf
Imperfect Competition in Labour Markets by Professor Alan Manning
Inequality, Leverage and Crises, an International Monetary Fund working paperSIAC_ARTICLES_files/IMF%20INEQUALITY.pdf
Global Rebellion: The Coming Chaos? William I. RobinsonSIAC_ARTICLES_files/Global%20rebellion%202011.pdf
The Liberty Scam: Why even Robert Nozick, the philosophical father of Libertarianism, gave up on the movement he inspired
‘Naming The Movement’ an article posted on Open Democracy by Keith Kahn-Harris
‘The Movement That Needs No Name’ an article posted by Aaron Petters posted on Our Kingdom
‘The Movement For A New Direction’ and article by Gerry Hassan posted on Our Kingdom
Atrocity, Memory, Photography, imaging the concentration camps of Bosnia -
the case of ITN versus Living Marxism Part 1SIAC_ARTICLES_files/CAMPBELL%20LM%20part1.pdf
Atrocity, Memory, Photography, imaging the concentration camps of Bosnia - the case of ITN versus Living Marxism Part 2

Studies in Anti-Capitalism

Capital’s Latest Weapon

“Positive Thinking”

Coercion and Comic Sans: How “Positive Thinking” Became Capital’s Latest Weapon, by John Brissenden
Interview with  Chris Hayes, author of Twilight of the Elites, discussion of how and why the oligarchy functions as it does

Twilight of the Elites:

America after meritocracy

Primitive Communism and the Dragon Question

Lionel Sims of the Radical Anthropology Group discusses Adam and Eve, Lilith and Dragons

Capitalist Realism:

Challenges for the Left

Luke Cooper and Simon Hardy talk about the issues discussed in their forthcoming book, Beyond Capitalism: The Future of Radical Politics
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On overcoming the problem of economic calculation

An article by Seth Ackerman posted by Jacobin.com
Socialist Worker (UK)SIAC_SWP.html
Socialist StrategySOCIALIST_STRATEGY.html

Les Misérable and

its Critics

An article posted by David Hancock Turner on Jacobin.com
North Star


The Crisis of the British Regime: Democracy, Protest and the Unions

A detailed report, supported by extensive statistical evidence, by Adrian Cousins of Counterfire.org
Off The Cuff