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Renewal of Populism
Respect at the CrossroadsSIAC_SWP_files/RespectAtTheCrossroads.pdf
Stop the Attacks on the Left
Behind the Crisis in Respect
Crucial Tasks for the Future
Conference ResolutionsSIAC_SWP_files/RespectResolutions.pdf
SWP Splits Respect
Mark Steel on the SWPSIAC_SWP_files/MARKSTEEL.pdf
Chris Bambery ResignsSIAC_SWP_files/BAMBERY%20SWP.pdf
Lindsey German’s emailsSIAC_SWP_files/Email%20exchange%20between%20Lindsey%20German%20and%20Martin%20Smith%20on%20February%2010.pdf
Lindsey German’s LetterSIAC_SWP_files/GERMANS%20LETTER%201.pdf
Mass Resignation LetterSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20mass%20resignation.pdf
Amy Addison-DunneSIAC_SWP_files/AMY%20ADDISON%20DUNNE%20Open%20Letter%20of%20resignation%20to%20Counterfire.pdf
Counterfire: New Splinter
Respect Salvage Operation
The Division of RespectSIAC_SWP_files/TheDivisionOfRespect.pdf
SWP: On the folly of celebrating the Party’s misfortunesSIAC_SWP_files/Socialist%20Workers%20Party.pdf
Unity At All Costs: David Edgar’s & the left’s alliances for good causesSIAC_SWP_files/UNITY%20AT%20ALL%20COSTS.pdf
Chris Harmen’s
‘The Prophet and the Proletariat

General Election 2010
The Anti-Capitalist VoteSIAC_SWP_files/RESPECT%20RESULTS.pdf

Studies in Anti-Capitalism

Respect Party Leader ResignsSIAC_SWP_files/Salma%20Yaqoob%20Resigns.pdf
Galloway on Rape & Disability
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Yet more expulsions

SWP Resignations

& Expulsions

Tom Walker Resigns
Democratic Centralism
and the SWP

IS Group discussion document of 1994 on democratic centralism and the SWPSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20Democracy%201994.pdf
Report of the conference debate of the SWP’s Disputes’ Committee’s Report on their investigation of  allegations of rape and sexual assault made against former Central Committee member, Martin Smith
Socialist Worker (UK)
Socialist StrategySOCIALIST_STRATEGY.html

Clan Politics and

Segregation in Britain

‘It’s the Bradford Spring!’
Don Milligan, Off The Cuff 31/03/2012SIAC_SWP_files/OFFTHECUFF%20310312.pdf
A Tale of Three Cities: Clan Politics and Segregation in Britain’s Mill Towns, David Goodhart, Prospect, 20/06/2011
The Central Committee’s statement 

Charlie Kimber responds to attacks upon the CC for its handling of accusations of rape made against one of its members

Linda Rogers

Linda Rogers’ letter to the SWP Central CommitteeSIAC_SWP_files/SWPRogersletter.pdf

Sussex & Brighton SWSS

Open letter to the Central Committee of the SWPSIAC_SWP_files/SWSS%20Sussex.pdf

Neil Davidson 2008

Leadership, Membership,
and Democracy in the Revolutionary Party, 2008SIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20Neil%20Davidson%2017%20December.pdf
Motion for the SWP Conference of 2008SIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20Neil%20Davidson%20Resolution%2017%20December.pdf

Manchester SWSS

Public statement by Manchester University Socialist Worker Student SocietySIAC_SWP_files/SWSS%20Manchester%20University%20SWSS.pdf

Emma Rock

Emma Rock calls for the replacement of the entire Central Committee of the SWPSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20EMMA%20ROCK%20We%20need%20an%20entirely%20new%20leadership.pdf


Counterfire’s Statement

Counterfire’s statement of the crisis in the SWP and the way forwardSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20Counterfire%20Statement.pdf


from Counterfire

Alex Callinicos for the Central Committee

Alex Callinicos argues the case for the Central Committee in the forthcoming edition of the SWP’s monthly, Socialist ReviewSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20CALLINICOS%20Is%20Leninism%20finished.pdf
International Socialism Blog
SWSS groundswell:

Letters and statements disagreeing with the Central Committee and calling for a recall conference have been issued by SWSS groups at: Universities of Manchester; Kent; Essex; East Anglia; Leeds; Sussex; Brighton; Brunel; East London; and from King’s College; Birkbeck; London School of Economics; and Further Education SWSS
Reply to Alex CallinicosSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20Is%20Zinovievism%20finished.pdf
Jamie Allinson; Gareth Dale;
Neil Davidson; China Mieville;
John Game; Alexandra Chandran; Alex Anievas;
Gonzalo Pozo; Kris Stewart;
Jamie Pitman; Ciara Squires;
Hannah El Sisi; Keith Paterson; Linda Rogers;
Nathan Akehurst; Andy Lawson; Toni Mayo; Richard SeymourSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20Is%20Zinovievism%20finished_1.pdf

Socialist Worker (USA)

Statement by the Steering Committee of the International Socialist OrganizationSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20ISO%20The%20crisis%20in%20the%20SWP.pdf
Letter from prominent associates of the SWP to the party’s Central CommitteeSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20FellowTravellers%20Open%20letter%20to%20the%C2%A0SWP.pdf
Greg Albo; Abbie Bakan; Jairus Banaji; Gail Day; Steve Edwards; Nadine El-Enany; Phil Gasper; Peter Hallward; Adam Hanieh; Owen Hatherley; Paul Kellogg; Brian Kelly; Conor Kostick; Robert Knox; David McNally; Adam Morton; Kevin Murphy; Ilan Pappé; Laurie Penny; Charles Post, Nina Power; Gregory Schwartz; Peter Thomas; Alberto Toscano; Daniel Trilling; Thomas Walpole; Jeffrey Webber; Rafeef ZiadahSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20FellowTravellers%20Open%20letter%20to%20the%C2%A0SWP_1.pdf


Disciplinary Meetings

SWP Central Committee initiates a rolling programme of disciplinary meetingsSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20Disciplinary%20meetings..pdf
Tom Walker on ‘Leninism’SIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20WALKER%20rethinkingtheleft.pdf
Tom Walker responding to Callinicos discusses the wide variety of ‘Leninisms’ available in the quotation quarriesSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20WALKER%20rethinkingtheleft_1.pdf

Central Committee Resolution 03/02/13

The resolution of the central committee of the Socialist Workers Party to the National Committee held on February 3, 2013SIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20CC%20Resolution%20to%20the%20NC.pdf


Democratic Renewal 08/02/13

Statement by 59 members of the SWP and four people appealing against their expulsion from the PartySIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20DEMOCRATIC%20RENEWAL.pdf

In Defence of Our Party

Central Committee

Calls a Special Conference 09/02/13

The SWP leaders dismayed by uproar have called a Special Conference to ratify and confirm the decisions of the January ConferenceSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20Special%20Conference.pdf
The ‘Defence of Our Party’ faction is composed of 10 members of the National Committee, 3 former members of the Central Committee, and 51 other SWP membersSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20In%20Defence%20of%20Our%20Party.pdf

Pat Stack

Member of the SWP’s Disputes Committee, Pat Stack has written to Party Members urging caution and forbearance on all sidesSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20PAT%20STACK.pdf

Paul D’Amato

Paul D’Amato of the Socialist Worker in the United States responds to Alex Calinicos Socialist Review article on LeninismSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20iso%20reply%20to%20calinicos%20socialistworker.pdf
More Years 
of the Locust:

The Origins of the SWP

Jim Higgins

Back to the Future
with the International Socialist Network
Mike GonzalezSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20Mike%20Gonzalez.pdf
The struggle inside the SWP continues to draw more and more senior comrades into collision with the Central CommitteeSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20Mike%20Gonzalez_1.pdf
Central Committee ResignationSIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20RESIGNATION%20LETTER.pdf
A letter of resignation from a  national official and member of the Central Committee of the Socialist Workers PartySIAC_SWP_files/SWP%20RESIGNATION%20LETTER_1.pdf
Off The Cuff