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Zygmunt Bauman

‘Has the Future a Left?: A talk by Zygmunt Bauman
New Left Review

Utopian aspirations, or a limitless accommodation with an unforgiving reality . . . tiny steps, or giant leaps . . . reform or revolution

In the face of the manifest confusion and impotence of the left’s responses to the present crisis New Left Review’s re-ignition of this debate is timely. Although, it turns out that Susan Watkins’ response to T. J. Clark is yet another exercise in miscommunication, both contributions are, in their own right, fertile contributions to an essential discussion.
‘Presentism?’ A reply to
T. J. Clark by Susan WatkinsSOCIALIST_STRATEGY_files/NLR30804-1%20Reply%20to%20Clark.pdf
‘For a left with no future’
by T. J. ClarkSOCIALIST_STRATEGY_files/NLR30803%20CLARK.pdf

Studies in Anti-Capitalism

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Dan DiMaggio
Road Maps, Dead Ends, and the Search for Fresh Ground: How Can We Build the Socialist Movement in the 21st Century?SOCIALIST_STRATEGY_files/DiMaggio%20%202010%20Cultural%20Logic.pdf
[Part I]
[Part II]

Naming the movement

‘Naming The Movement’ an article posted on Open Democracy by Keith Kahn-Harris
‘The Movement That Needs No Name’ an article posted by Aaron Peters posted on Our Kingdom
‘The Movement For A New Direction’ and article by Gerry Hassan posted on Our Kingdom

Capitalist Realism:

Challenges for the Left

Luke Cooper and Simon Hardy talk about the issues discussed in their forthcoming book, Beyond Capitalism: The Future of Radical Politics

Seth Ackerman

On overcoming the problem of economic calculation
Socialist Strategy
Michael Hardt
and Antonio Negri

Text of their book, Empire, interviews, and discussionsEMPIRE.html

Kasama Project

Pamphlets informed by the Maoist tradition
Pham Binh

Occupy and the tasks of socialists
Ahmed Shawki

What kind of party do we need?
Slavoj Zizek,
Sebastian Budgen, and Stathis Koulvelakis

‘Lenin Reloaded: the comic repetion of a tragic history’ a review by Don Milligan of Lenin Reloaded: Towards a Politics of Truth, by Sebastian Budgen, Stathis Koulvelakis, and
Slavoj ZizekSOCIALIST_STRATEGY_files/Lenin%20Reloaded.pdf

In Praise of the Far Left

By A Very Public SociologistSOCIALIST_STRATEGY_files/In%20Praise%20of%20the%20far%20left.pdf
By Alan Gibbons
Barry Biddulph replies

Simon Harris and

Barry Biddulph’s reply

Forgotten legacies of Bolshevision on revolutionary organisation

Debating the future
of the movement

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‘Leninism’ meets the
21st Century

Alan Gibbons

What kind of left do we need?
Article from leftunity.orgSOCIALIST_STRATEGY_files/ALANGIBBONS%20leftunity.pdf
Tom Walker on ‘Leninism’SOCIALIST_STRATEGY_files/SWP%20WALKER%20rethinkingtheleft.pdf
Tom Walker responding to Callinicos discusses the wide variety of ‘Leninisms’ available in the quotation quarriesSOCIALIST_STRATEGY_files/SWP%20WALKER%20rethinkingtheleft_1.pdf
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